6 Things to Check while buying a Baby Cot

6 Things to Check while buying a Baby Cot

Infants are an instant joy; they always bring happiness to everyone with a single smile. Watching them sleep peacefully is a sight to behold. Hence to make them sleep peacefully, we must choose the right baby cot bed.

Baby beds come in various forms and sizes, and you can pick the right one for your kid. Parents cannot be overprotective with their kids; their safety is non-negotiable. Here are a few things to check before buying the best bed for your child.

The material

Babies tend to chew on everything they come across. Therefore, it will be nice if they don’t come across plastic this soon. Suitable wooden cots polished with soft round edges are ideal for babies, so they don’t get bumped or hurt playing in the cot.


Make sure you buy a large size so that the bed can be a play space. A spacious bed will also allow them to crawl freely and sleep in any position.


Rails are a must around the baby cot; this ensures that your child doesn’t fall off. You can also opt for convertible rails to you don’t have to lift your child every time out of bed. This also allows more space when your child is growing.

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The Paint

When we design a nursery, we usually make it vibrant so that the infants love the colors. Therefore, you should have the option of choosing the color that goes well with your nursery colors, and the paint should be child safe. Choose a natural allergen-free wax coat for your child’s bed.

Mattress matters

Choosing the right mattress is the most crucial decision as a parent. The mattress shouldn’t be soft to avoid suffocation. It should be firm, like memory foam or latex ones. It should be airy and breathable fabric that keeps the air circulation going and calm the baby. Try to opt for an organic cotton one if possible.

The Position and height of the crib

The crib should neither be too tall nor too short. It should be at the elbow height of the adults so that the baby also feels comfortable, and so do the parents. It should be positioned against a wall and away from the windows and curtains. There shouldn’t be any ropes or bags that pose a strangling hazard to the baby.

Check all the above points while buying a baby cot bed. A baby that sleeps well grows well and gets obsessed with clicking your child when they are sleeping peacefully or having fun in their beds playing around.