Christian Funeral Service Singapore: Depart the Souls with Dignity

christian funeral service singapore

When some loved one departs, the family feels sorrow. Every Christian family may have different rituals for the last rites. The family chooses the way that the departed soul wishes for. The family gets clarity from the Pastor of the Church. Many Christian families inhabit Singapore. Christian Funeral Service Singapore may last for several days. It typically depends on the wish of the family of the departed soul.

A wake is held when the mourners get together to remember the deceased. That day they celebrate the life of the deceased person. In the wake ritual, people give eulogies. They share good memories with the departed person. The guests share their specific memories, which they made when the person was alive. The wake is full of emotions and stories.

In the Christian Funeral Service Singapore, the mourners also recite hymns. They read scriptures and offer prayers. Their motive is to settle down the soul in peace. After the wake, some other rituals are also done.

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 The main purpose of this ritual is to pay tribute. The family members and friends come together to bid their final goodbye to the person who has left them. This function goes on for several days. It allows as many people to come and do their final goodbye.

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The Pastor of the church performs a prayer of commendation. He will call for silence for a few minutes in the name of the departed being. The family members and other family members come along to the Christian funeral parlor to celebrate the process. They believe, at this point, that the departed loved one is handed over to the mercy and love of God.


 It is the final leg of the long rituals. Before the cremation or burial, the loved ones of the person gather to pay their respect. After they pay respect, the final ritual of burial or cremation is performed. It is the highly emotional time of the funeral.

Funeral Service Providers

There are specialized services that help to perform the last rites. They arrange the facilities to conduct all the rituals smoothly. They provide all the logistics required to offer the prayers. These services can be availed of at church or crematorium. They can be customized as per the need of the family members. As per the wish, the funeral can be modern or traditional. The family members will have a peaceful and hassle-free funeral experience.