Green Campus Solutions By EC Campus (CLP Sec)

Green Campus Solutions By EC Campus (CLP Sec)

The campus gives jobs to people, and it operates 24 hours for any educational process. The campus has labs, air conditioning, lighting, and many more features for completing the educational work. Proper maintenance is required on campus for proper operation. clp sec’s energy solutions are what modernize the campus.

Clp sec focuses on the efficiency of the campus. We design our campus solutions that do not harm the environment and have great efficiency. We believe in the use of renewable energy and promote it. Your school or college can now operate the campus with advanced efficiency and an environmentally friendly approach. We create a healthy environment on your campus so that students get a healthy environment for doing activities.

Our campus energy control solutions in Hong Kong

We have so many energy-efficient campus solutions. like

carbon audit

Through a carbon audit, you will get a report that has methods for reducing carbon emissions.

Smart sensor

Smart sensor automation helps you with office energy saving monitoring of different rooms on campus. You will have all the energy usage details of different rooms. We also have an alternative energy usage solution that is a solar campus that gives real-time data on the energy usage of your campus. You get information on optimizing energy levels in our energy control solutions. By optimizing, you can make efficiency better.

Element IAQ

The Element IAQ monitor helps in improving indoor air quality with smart sensors. This sensor detects air pollutants. Element iaq generates fresh air that creates a healthy and safe environment for the students and all the people who are involved in campus activities.

Cloud-based interface          

The cloud-based interface provides you with all the environmental statics. These statics come through our variety of smart sensors. These statistics help the energy control system adjust the air conditioning system and lighting automatically. This is how our smart solution for energy control works. Our cloud-based interface provides all the real-time insights, like air quality, energy usage, and many more. Campuses that have integrated our solutions are seeing up to 20% lower energy consumption.

As campuses are different in designs and sizes, we have customized solutions for each campus. we will create your campus into a green campus with great energy efficiency. By creating a green campus solution, we promote an environment-friendly approach and teach society about the conservation of the environment and how valuable a healthy environment is. We make people aware of environmental conservation through green energy solutions.