Key queries to know to buy a condo:

As we all are aware of insurance provides security to your life actually in all the aspects you may come across. For example, if you have any health issues, want to overcome disasters caused to your property and where not? You know insurance play a key role in all the major factors that present in your daily life. In the same way, condo insurance is also issued to the buyers who are desired to buy their dream condo. It’s like for a 5 bedroom condo singapore, most of the condo association services provide insurances to their buyers. Try to grab the opportunity that protects you from bad incidents that unfortunately happen to your family in the name of investing in condos. Being a condo owner, read all the benefits that the condo (HO6) insurance provides.

Let’s know about this insurance in detail:

As usual, this insurance protects the condo owners from unfortunate things that might interrupt their family as well. This insurance benefits you with the following advantages.

Initially any kind of alterations or replacements or improvements that need to be done at the individual units of your condo, then this insurance works out as the best choice.

This insurance also claims if any of your stuff loses in your condo like
5 bedroom condo singapore. Moreover, personal liability coverage is also claimed by this insurance.

insurance doesn’t claim it

There are some things where this insurance doesn’t claim it:

  • If your condo is damaged due to floods, then this insurance doesn’t claim it. In turn, you are advised to take a flood insurance policy to protect your condo from flooding problems.
  • Moreover, if you vacate your condo and shifted to any other new place, then try to rent the condo to someone or resell it. Don’t try to leave your condo as it is without maintaining it as it may leave you with maintenance issues. At this point, you can’t get help from this insurance coverage at any cost.
  • For suppose, if you want to use your purchased condo for renting purposes, try to adopt landlord insurance in this regard. So, you don’t want to bargain with your tenant for the damaging aspects. If possible, ask your tenants to have their insurance policy in the name of renter’s insurance one.

This insurance policy costs around 25 $ on monthly basis. Of course, the cost of this policy differs based on the condo building age, location or size of the condo based, etc.


Hope this information might help the condo buyers and condo renters as well to overcome the damages that might impact their financial budget. Hence try to buy this insurance cover as soon as possible being a condo owner.