Look For The Signs Of A Wrong Car Wheel Alignment

Look For The Signs Of A Wrong Car Wheel Alignment

The tyre alignment is very important when it comes to any vehicle. This is to be taken special care of no matter what the context is. It often leads to lethal effects if the signs of a wrong alignment are ignored. The reason for misalignment is unknown but there are a few signs of car wheel alignment.

Signs Of Misalignment

The car goes in a different direction even when the steering wheel is kept centred. This is one of the most significant signs of something being wrong with the wheel alignment. Once you spot this happening, then immediately take your car to the nearest mechanic.

Another common sign of misalignment is when your car leaves uneven treads. The treads left by your wheels are not even to one particular place. This is because your wheels are not aligned in line with its control. When the car pulls to the left or right, it is also due to misalignment.

Car wheel alignment

What Is To Be Checked?

If you take it to a store, they will check three things. Camber, toe and caster. Camber is the pushing in or out of the wheels concerning its centre. This will be very evident from the frontal view of the car as the wheel is tilted to an inward or outward angle. This is mostly seen due to worn out bearings or ball joints.

Toe is when there is an evident inward or outward angle when viewed from the top of the car. It is similar to camber, but that was observed from a frontal view. This one should be found from a top view. Both of these cases require a correction in alignment.

Caster is to the side view of the car, specifically the steering wheel and the car tyre. There is a positive caster and a negative caster when the steering axis is not aligned to the wheel of the car. The steering axis helps in maintaining the stability of the vehicle in a run.

Can Alignment be Fixed At Home?

Car wheel alignment cannot be fixed at home. But you can identify the kind of misalignment your car is having. One way is to keep in mind the signs of misalignment while driving. More often, this reveals a caster as it depends on the steering axis.

Toe and caster require extra tools and to be able to detect them, the car must be at a standstill. It is also important to note that the car should be parked on an even and flat surface. The difference in the terrain of the parking may severely affect the chamber and toe readings.