Protect your Jewelry with Jewellery Insurance in Singapore

Jewellery Insurance

Jewelry insurance is a must for everyone who must have invested a chunk of their money as an investment and for all those ladies who are big fans of jewelry and have collected and reminisced those special pieces over the years and also for the new bride who just got engaged and has decided to invest in jewellery insurance to secure it.

First of all, it’s great of you that you finally thought of investing in insurance because as precious as your jewelry is at the same time you must protect it well because investing a very small amount in getting insurance gives you full authority and makes you worry-free about the jewelry that you have bought with you hard-earned money if in case something happens.

No doubt you have taken a very wise decision of getting it insured because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Jewellery Insurance

Why secure your engagement ring with insurance?

  • Everyone knows the value of one’s engagement ring as it holds special memories and is a lifetime memory for that person therefore it makes sense why someone should opt for jewellery insurance.
  • In Singapore, a person’s engagement ring nearly costs around $6000 to $10,000 that is way more than any person’s average wage in Singapore. Therefore, it perfectly makes sense to buy engagement insurance.
  • Also, both engagement ring insurance, as well as your financial insurance, is important for you to invest in so you know you are protected against any kind of mishap.
  • While you are in Singapore, you should invest and be secured.
  • It’s always better to have a talk with an expert and consult before you conclude which insurance would be better for you to opt for.

They also provide coverage against any unexplained or any kind of theft or even accidental loss of your engagement rings. Also to note that this engagement ring coverage will only be covered when you take the comprehensive home and contents insurance policy with them or even if you go with any other provider.

The rates are low and, even if you compare with any other insurance provider you will know that these rates are low and no other charges are being taken from you. So the best is what is being offered to you with a proper explanation of why this insurance is important for you to invest.