Read This Before Hiring A Maid In Malaysia

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In today’s world when every person has to step out of their house for work, one cannot expect to keep their houses clean and organised all the time. Except for a few exceptions, minding both work and home is impossible with today’s work load. However a helper can solve this drastic problem. Hiring a maid or helper for the house and paying the fair amount to them can bring the whole problem on stay. But is it that easy to find a helper for the house? No it’s not!

However, for one staying in Malaysia, they do not have to put their brains and energy into the tiresome activity of searching for a trustworthy and hardworking maid anymore.

Agensi Pekerjaan Sands Sdn Bhd (“Sands”) or popularly called AP Sands is out there to everyone residing in Malaysia. It is a licensed maid agency Kuala Lumpur providing employment to a huge number of women as maids.

The hard work and trust which has kept with the customers have made it one of the most reputed employment agencies in the market.

Since it is recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources, recruiting, and overseas placement has also become possible.

How safe are maid service companies in India?

Reasons to hire maids via AP Sands

  • Well-trained maids and helpers
  • Wide range of work to be carried out by them
  • Technologically advanced machinery to provide well-equipped facilities to the customers.
  • Training programs and specialized techniques make the helpers extremely eligible and perfect in their work.
  • Continuous growth and development in the processes to reach and maintain the growing lifestyle and technology of the houses.
  • Cheap and best services are provided which makes it stand in the market with extreme demand and reputation.
  • Feedback sessions taken from the clients to understand the demand and check the working of the maids.
  • Peaceful environment of work for the maids and house- helpers as well which encourages them to work better and for a long run.

Mission and Vision

The vision of Agensi Pekerjaan Sands Sdn Bhd is to maintain its standard, place and reputation. It has till now been providing the best domestic helpers all around the cities. It aims to continue the same position throughout the years with the help of their mission. Their mission is to achieve the vision by the client’s belief and confidence in them. They also promise to provide the facilities in a cost efficient manner so that it can attract the maximum number of clients and stay in the competitive market.

To hire helpers or maids or in case of any other related queries one can contact them directly by going to their website. A form has to be filled with basic information including name, contact details, country and the subject.

One can also mail them at the provided email ID or call them on the provided contact number. Any person willing to meet physically can do so during working hours which is 9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 1PM on Saturdays. Sundays the offices are kept closed.