Tarot Reading Tips to Help You Unlock Your Future

Tarot Reading Tips to Help You Unlock Your Future

Tarot readings are one of the most popular forms of divination worldwide, and are a great way to learn more about yourself, your goals, and your life path. Following these simple tips of the best online tarot card reading sites will help you to unlock the mysteries of your future with ease.

  1. Choose a deck that speaks to you

Your energy is connected with every card in your deck. Look for a deck that is aesthetically pleasing as well as resonates with what you believe in or have experience in such as angel cards, Celtic folklore cards, or fairy tale cards if that’s what speaks to you best.

  1. Know your spreads

Ask yourself what your question is before you choose a spread and make sure that it resonates with you. Spreads are also used to help you see what else is happening around the question, and if you need to consult your cards for deeper insight. If a spread doesn’t speak to you then try another one until you find one that does.

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  1. Know the meanings of the cards

If for instance it’s about someone or something specific, or about a certain situation, make sure to know the card meanings in terms that are applicable to your question! If you already know their meaning from other divination practices then just do what feels totally right for this exercise.

  1. Think about the card holders

Don’t be afraid to use your intuition on the cards. If you feel that a card holder is not a good fit for your question, or has been used to describe one thing but actually means something else for your question, don’t be afraid to change it.

  1. Get comfortable with shuffling and cutting

Shuffling and cutting are often looked down upon, but there’s nothing wrong with doing them if they’re comfortable. If they aren’t, then go practice on another deck first.

  1. Keep a journal

Keep a journal by your Tarot cards for each reading so that you can keep track of your questions, the cards you drew and their meanings and also how accurate you felt each reading was.

  1. Trust in the process

If you are new to Tarot readings then don’t try to run ahead and make assumptions about what will happen in the future, or try to make sense of it all immediately! Just let the signs come to you as they may, without preconceptions or expectations, and trust yourself along the way.

  1. Read with an open mind

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to really listen to the answers you are getting. Sometimes the cards will tell you what you need to hear or will give you answers that are harder to understand, but if you can keep listening, then it will all come together in the end.