Wedding Bouquet Singapore – A Tale Of Modernisation

Wedding Bouquet

Surely in the last decade we have seen many things getting modernised, many things losing their essence for the feeling of convenance is modernisation and digitalisation really a boom? Go through the following blog and give a thought yourself for the same

Flower delivery in old days

Not long ago there was a time when people used to go out to a garden and pluck down the favourite flowers for their loved ones and then ride all the way down to where they lived and give them the same flowers and see their face filled with joy on receiving those flowers, it was a moment which never got recorded in the camera lens but made one smile each time they remembered it down their memory lane and this moment was what romanticised getting wedding bouquet singapore from loved ones.

wedding bouquet singapore

Flower delivery in modern era

As globalisation happened and the economy grew people no longer had such access to farms and there opened some shops which sell flowers, mind you they were the same ones plucked from that garden just that now were in an ac showroom with some packaging done to make them look even prettier, people used to go to such shops and drive all the way to give the same to their loved ones, the smile remained the same as earlier but only this time the flowers were discarded after a day or two when they withered.

Flower delivery nowadays

 Now, in this digital era people have moved even one step further, the flower shops are still present on some places however mostly are online now, one can order the same from their mobile app or website and can also get it delivered at their address or the address of their loved ones. The smile on face of the person receiving them has however marginally declined over the time, its not that they do not like flowers anymore, no that’s not the case, its just that people like the gesture of them coming to deliver the flowers themselves and meeting for some time that mattered more than the flowers itself, now one may easily order the same flowers and get them delivered to another person in another city or even country which does mean a lot to the one receiving them and would have not been possible otherwise, however modernisation of somethings has taken over the feelings a bit too far.

Though we can now easily deliver the flowers to loved ones in other countries, but has the meaning of delivering flowers lost its essence?