Celebrate diversity with fashion

Celebrate diversity with fashion


Fashion has never been linked with glamour, even though the term fashion is typically associated with it.When it comes to the world of fashion, the emphasis is always on the way you show your individuality.It is always about how you present yourself to the world and how you distinguish yourself from others.With time, society is increasingly dictating what is acceptable and unacceptable. Countless companies exist that tell you what is and is not attractive in their eyes.But does your sense of style determine who you are as a person? Is it the other way around, or is it the other way about?How fashion is just an expression of one’s individuality. We discuss how your style defines you as a person and how others view you due to your style.

Changing fashion trends with time

On the other hand, fashion is too frequently seen as frivolous, vain, and transitory. Even though it is essential and widespread, many people are unaware of it. The industry of fashion is valued at $3 trillion on a global scale. It is the second most important economic activity globally in terms of trade intensity, employing many people in developing countries, most of whom are women.

Because it represents a nation’s culture, fashion is significant in that country. It adds color to our lives and allows us to see how our lives evolve throughout time. In a sense, it also provides variety to one’s life by giving one the chance to experience something new and different. Fashion refers to more than just clothes and cosmetics; it also encompasses accessories such as shoes, perfume, haircut, demeanor, etiquette, and one’s whole attitude toward one’s life.


In addition to serving as a vehicle for self-expression, fashion serves as an instrument for empowerment and self-assurance. It covers the whole range of human activity that can be traced back to a specific period. It is a way of looking at things.Fashion is the way you conduct yourself in society when you aren’t wearing anything in particular that is fashionable. It is the method through which you try to seem perfect even when you are not wearing make-up. It aids you in the disclosure of your real identity.Stated, it is a modern fashion trend at the moment. The personal concept of fashion is a bit different from the consensus.