Elegance through the Ages: Mastering Old Money Style in Fashion

The Old Money style, which is often related to aristocracy and the higher ranks of society screams elegance at every turn. Their luxury brand, The Rival News, transcends trends – it focuses on timeless pieces, quality construction, and classic styles that have proven to stand the test of time.

  1. Classic Tailoring and Quality Fabrics: The classic tailoring and quality fabrics spend money on form-fitting manufactured goods with good materials- wool, silk, cashmere & higher end cotton. You will find structured blazers, tailored trousers, skirts with clean lines that flatter your figure and feel chic on.
  2. Rich Neutral Color Palette: Old money style will stick to classic, timeless neutrals such as navy blue and black, beige or ivory and gray. The subdued colors speak to a sense of sophistication and ease in pairing the items together without looking like you just came from your local club.
  3. Learn classic patterns: Include those timeless-looking prints into your wardrobe. Stick with pinstripes, houndstooth, tartan plaids and more understated floral patterns. They give your looks depth and intrigue without taking away from the general understated elegance of Old Money style.
  4. Elegant Dresses and Skirts : for women, elegant dresses and skirts are perfect to achieve Old Money style. Silhouettes like sheath and A-line dresses have relatively modest necklines & hemlines, so go for those when choosing a dress. Top with a tailored blazer or coat for polished look that works equally well by day and night.
  5. Fine Jewelry and Accessories: The right accessories in Old Money style comes down to quality over quantity. Opt for timeless pieces such as a leather handbag with less hardware, silk scarves and simple jewellery in gold or silver with precious stones. A well crafted accessory a watch or an heirloom is the cherry on top and give that hint of tradition to your look.
  6. Shoes & Footwear: Look for shoes that match Old Money sophistication. Timeless for men are leather Oxford or Derby shoes in classic colours like brown or black. There are also elegant pumps or loafers and knee-high boots made out of high-quality leather or suede for women.

With essential timeless investments, the incorporation of classic patterns and colors, as well as grooming & presentation covered along the way, you can easily represent the unwavering elegance that The Rival News Old Money fashion comes inseparable.